Custom orders are 3 weeks behind. Please contact us BEFORE ordering large items for BEST shipping $

Hello neighbors, customers both former and future!

A lot of people have been saddened by the sudden closure of our downtown Watkinsville store.  We apologize.  We NEVER ever expected the amount of interest as we received.  We grew vey quick!

If you ever had visited the store you would have noticed how small it was.  Long story short, or shorter, the lease was up, had to act quick or never grow.  We actually have over 150+ birdhouse choices which could never be displayed in that cute but tiny store.  Agree right?  Who can forget our gorgeous rain chains and copper wind spinners right?  Apparently not many as we still get phone interest and orders.  Thank you!!!!!

We had been looking for a larger location to lease but with no luck or traffic flow, which we need.  We decided to create a gift store onto our home!  yes, we have space our craftsman bungalow 1905 home.  It is located just about 1.5 miles south of downtown Watkinsville, on highway 15 going towards Greensboro.  This location would be meant for sales/orders/discussions.  Your actual birdhouse would be built in the Tweetie woodshop.  That is located in the Industrial area of Watkinsville.  I am not always there so it is best to call us if you want to discuss and order or come see me.

Otherwise, please take a look at our online store.  It's not quite up to date yet however.  As we have been concentrating on the attached gift store construction.  Please don't loose your interest for a custom gorgeous lasting birdhouse from Tweetie!  No staples here...

Tweetie Birdhouses and Artisan Gift Store will soon be located at 1221 Old Greensboro Road, Watkinsville, GA 30677

The woodshop is located in the industrial area of Watkinsville at 1121 Industrial Drive, #3, Watkinsville, GA 30677.  I am not there constantly but can be reached for orders and discussions.  Frank 706-372-5160  or John 706-206-8028.  Thank you for your patience.

Email directly to if you like.


Welcome to Tweetie Industries and thank you for visiting. We take pride in all of the artisan work featured online and in our retail store.  We are located in the "Artland of Georgia" in downtown Watkinsville, GA.  Come visit us and view the quality of local artisan hand craftsmanship.

New to our store are the handcrafted Rain Chains from California.  These are the highest quality that I can find.  Made of solid copper, stainless steel, brass, these are lifetime rain chains.  In fact, they have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Purchase 2 and get 10% off your purchase.  As always, Tweetie will assemble and install these rain chains free of charge in our local area!

Our birding pieces include those made of repurposed wood, new wood and sell at all price ranges and designs.  We can also duplicate your home if that is what you want.  You have your choice of safe pressure treated, western red cedar, pine, or Cyprus on all of our products.

Painting and design artwork is available by Caitlin Glennon, our local artist that does a wonderful job and can hand paint your Tweetie piece, watercolor print, or some unique artwork you may be looking for.  Please browse our site for a sample of Cailtlin's work.

As always, local delivery is FREE for your large bird item.  However, installation is a bit extra.

We are open Thursday - Saturday 11 am - 7 pm.  Other days are reserved for deliveries and construction of our hand made pieces. We would be glad to meet you at the store at ANY day!  Thank you.