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3137 Shizuka Cups Copper Rain Chain, 8.5 Feet


Shizuka Cups copper rain chain #3137

A new small cup design that expresses tranquility and simplicity ("shizuka" means 'quiet' in Japanese). Made of pure copper, the cups will acquire a beautiful patina over time. You'll enjoy the soothing sounds of water flowing through the cups every time it rains.

·        Custom lengths are available!

·        Tweetie offers free assembly and free local installation of all Rain Chains purchased in our store.

·        10% off two or more rain chains!


Technical Specifications:
cup width:
cup length:
bottom opening:
cups per chain:
standard length:
2 7/8"
2 1/8 "
1 7/16 "
8 1/2 feet